Privacy and Security Overview
Protecting privacy is always a priority for After all, good privacy is good business. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure the security of the information in our databases - and to protect you and your clients, employees, and job applicants. does not collect or compile information on particular persons or subjects.
We get our information from public sources, including courts, police departments, sheriffs' offices, state motor vehicles departments, and other state and local agencies. We don't sell or provide access to information about our customers, the inquiries they may make, or the individuals about whom they request information, except as legally required. maintains strict internal standards for information access and database management.
We conduct a stringent screening process on all permanent and temporary employees. In addition, we have strict on-site procedures, including security cameras, restricted building access, and sign-in policies for our data center and data-integration unit. is in full compliance with the FACTA Disposal Rule.
As of June 1, the FACTA Disposal Rule requires all businesses and individuals using consumer reports to take appropriate measures to dispose of the information they get from those reports. Here's an overview of the procedures we have in place:
  • We employ a highly reputable document-destruction company. The company comes to our office and shreds all paper containing personally identifiable information.
  • We secure all of our electronic data. stores portable electronic media, such as tapes, CDs, and floppy disks, in locked cabinets. In addition, our document destruction company disposes of our electronic media by shredding CDs and floppy discs and using special software to erase tapes. We protect our database with state-ofthe-art network security.
  • We secure our central facility's entrance with a central-station alarm and closedcircuit television cameras.